A Home for Every Heart

2016 Fundraiser Report

Thank you for an inspiring night of Building HOPE

Thanks to all of you who gave $91,000 and counting. What a way to build HOPE for our community!

Your generous support will help homeless people like Jennifer, who shared her personal journey out of addiction and homelessness.  

Until Jennifer came to KentHOPE, she didn’t know there was a chance for change.  “On that bus ride to KentHOPE, I had no clue at the time, but my prayers were being answered.  I was welcomed with open arms.  I knew I was home.” Since graduating from the KentHOPE program, Jennifer says she “gets to” pay rent, go to work every day, buy groceries, pay taxes, have a relationship with her children and become a contributing member of society.

These are our people, our families, our children. This is our community. There are many other people living homeless and we cannot give up on them. Together, we will press ahead to build HOPE by providing stable pathways out of homelessness while caring for the body, mind and spirit of our hurting neighbors.

You can still give today, and invite your friends to build HOPE in our community! 

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