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Tour the Day Center

Tour the KentHOPE Women and Children’s Day Center

Saturday May 19th, 10:30am – 11:30am

9009 Canyon Drive, Kent, WA 98030

You are invited to a Vision Tour of the KentHOPE Women and Children’s Day Center.   Meet our staff, guests, volunteers, and hear some heartfelt stories.  Come with open hearts and minds to the plight of the poor.  “What the eye has not seen the heart cannot grieve over.” It’s natural that when we find ourselves face to face with poverty for the first time, something significant happens. The rest of our lives are irrevocably shaped by what we have witnessed. We gain Vision.

Please register as a volunteer and create an account prior to signing up for a tour OR email info@KentHOPE to reserve your place on May 19th.


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